ATA transportation survey 2023 is seeking ideas from "future riders."


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ATA Survey 2023 AD

Your Ride Forward 2023
ATA’s Survey of future riders for transportation development in our region.

ATA is conducting a comprehensive survey through-out its operating routes and services that will inform a multi-year transportation development plan.

ATA survey teams made up of employees, supervisors and volunteers are contacting “future riders” for their input.

ATA is a rural public transit agency operating in seven counties with an extensive network of busses, transit stops, transit centers, ADA and paratransit services, senior riders, and rides for persons with disabilities. The ATA is a rural transit system that has evolved since its inception the 1970s. ATA buses are often seen on the public byways and rural roads taking thousands of riders to their destination every year. So, the ATA Survey for transportation development is really four different surveys...

A survey for persons who do not currently ride ATA but may ride sometime in the future.

This survey is very important in that it seeks ideas from persons (age 18+) who are aware of ATA Transit but who have not used ATA or who have stopped using ATA. Like the other three surveys this survey will help us to focus our transit development plan and target/enhance future services. Contact ATA Customer Service for a printed survey form. The survey is also available on-line and takes about 3-4 minutes to complete. Remember this is for non-riders, or future riders.

Tell us why you are not riding ATA

√ Remember to enter your zip code on the e-form.

√ Remember to click the SUBMIT button to assure that your completed survey answers are recorded.

Thank you for participating in these transit development surveys.