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Get ready to ride ATA CALL-A-BUS in Clearfield and Jefferson County. New and updated “CAB-BUS” services are on the road. It’s easy to reserve a ride by calling ATA at 1-866-743-3282. Sit back, relax and enjoy your ride to the grocery store, pharmacy, medical appointments, the senior center, the salon, and many other locations in Clearfield and Jefferson counties. You’ll find ATA drivers are helpful and friendly.

CALL-A-BUS (CAB-BUS) is a public transportation service operated by ATA. CALL-A-BUS service is a shared-ride. CAB  BUS is open to everyone but remember it requires a prior work-day reservation. The “prior work-day ride reservation” allows ATA to schedule the route of the bus (or van) to accommodate the most people in the most efficient manner.

Get ready to RideATA CAB BUS by calling 1-866-743-3282 to schedule your next trip. Fares vary according to where you are coming from or going to. Fare information is available when you call.

Anyone can ride just by making a reservation and paying the fare. As a benefit of the Pennsylvania Lottery program, all senior citizens 65 years of age or older may ride at a greatly reduced fare, provided that prior working day reservations are made. Call ATA Customer Service for details 1-866-282-4968.


 ATA CAB 603210 Houtzdale CAB BUS LOGO WEB



The Houtzdale CAB-BUS operates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9AM-2PM and Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30AM-4:30PM and services Houtzdale, Philipsburg, Smoke Run, Ramey, Madera, Parsonville, Brisbin, Osceola Mills, Janesville, and Chester Hill. 



ATA CAB 607010 Coalport CAB BUS LOGO WEB



The Coalport CAB-BUS operates Monday through Friday 8:30AM-3:30PM and services Coalport, Lyleville, Blain City, Utahville, Irvona, Glen Hope, and more.




 ATA CAB 611010 Kylertown CAB BUS LOGO WEB



The Kylertown CAB-BUS operates Monday through Friday 9:30AM-2PM and services Kylertown, Winburne, Lanse, Grassflat, Driffting, Allport, Morrisdale, Hawk Run, Troy, and more.



 ata cab 501010 punxsutawney cab bus logo web



The Punxsutawney CAB-BUS in Jefferson County operates Monday through Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM and includes cab bus areas Punxsutawney, Frostburg, Fairview, Cloe, Albion, Big Run, Airport, Harmony, Adrian, Crawfordtown, Anita, Walston, Oliveburg, Frostburg, Dora, Timlin, Ringgold, Sprankle Mills and more.



Ready to Ride the CAB Logo

myStop on RideATA Features














myStop Mobile iPhone

QR for Apple APP Store

CLICK HERE (or scan) to obtain 

the myStop Mobile APP for your  

iPhone     or     Android.  

myStop Mobile Android

Android QR for myStop












CAT BUS resumes full service





The Clarion CAT BUS schedule has resumed full service.

Please review the CAMPUS LOOP table here for stop locations and stop times.

The Clarion CAMPUS LOOP is now viewable on the new myStop system.

myStop App Logo White Background 600

Be sure to go out to the RideATA myStop home page to REGISTER.

Watch the Video    

If you are already registered be sure to LOG IN with

your username and password.Watch the video. This will provide additional services to you

as a CAT CAMPUS LOOP rider:






Clarion CAMPUS LOOP returns with the resumption of classes at Clarion University. View CAMPUS LOOP on myStop.

Clarion MALL LOOP resumes a full schedule of service.  View MALL LOOP on myStop.

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REV. 08-25-21




 NOTICE regarding DuBois Area Bus Service - May 3


Three DuBois area fixed routes return to regular hours of operation (pre-pandemic)

Purple LogoDuBois Area Purple Route (Downtown - Hospital)

  • Monday through Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



DuBois Area Blue Route (Retail)DuBois Blue Route

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



DuBois Red RouteDuBois Area Red Route (West Sandy Mall)

  • Monday through Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Every Trip Counts Video GraphicA video about RideATA and its partners in rural transit.


In the mid1970s, the Pennsylvania legislature enacted the Rural Public Transportation Operating Assistance Program in response to a need for affordable public transportation for the Commonwealth’s rural citizens.

The question, “Is there a mobility problem in rural Pennsylvania?” was asked in 1975 and the answer was “yes”.

In Pennsylvania, public transportation in rural communities is a vital component of ensuring access to employment, medical, recreational and social services for all residents.  Pennsylvania has long been recognized as a leader in public transportation with significant investments of public funds to ensure the continuation of services in both urban and rural areas.

In rural communities, the poor, elderly and disabled, are among the nation’s most isolated citizens, and transportation disadvantaged. The highest concentrations of seniors and disabled individuals in the Commonwealth reside in rural areas. Senior citizens make up around 44% of all transit riders in rural Pennsylvania and over 17% of the rural population is disabled.

For many of them, public transit is the only means of access to their jobs as owning and operating a vehicle is not economically viable.

People who live in more rural areas need the same types of services as those in urban areas. Our local rural transportation systems are people-oriented, which are systems built around every day human needs such as medical care, shopping, employment and educational opportunities, social services and visiting friends and family.

Rural isolation can result in missed healthcare appointments, missed or delayed use of needed medications both of which can have negative consequences for managing health conditions and quality of life.

Long distances are a key barrier for many people living in rural areas. Average trips for medical or dental services are about 9 miles longer in rural regions. Some trips can be in excess of 50 miles one way to reach a more urban center for medical services.

TOP BAR Before You Give Up the Keys 2019

Create a roadmap for transportation independence

Call RideATA to get your copy of "Before you Give Up the Keys."


This publica­tion offers great advice and a planning tool that helps you map-out all of your options "post car."

We believe that RideATA can be an important part of your road­map to mobility and continued independence. We'll show you how you can use RideATA. When you are ready, we will be ready.

Welcome aboard.


The mission of NADTC is to promote the availability and accessibility of trans­portation options for older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers. NADTC is a program funded by the Federal Transit Administration and administered by Easterseals and the National Asso­ciation of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) with guid­ance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living. Visit the informative website at or CALL (866) 983-3222.

This brochure is published by the Eldercare Locator and the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center. Eldercare Locator is the only national informa­tion and referral resource to provide support to consumers across the spectrum of issues affecting older Americans. Established in 1991 and funded by the Administration for Community Living, it is administered by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. or (800) 677-1116

Before You Give Up the Keys BOTTOM

The Clearfield-Centre Vanpool Advantage Network is now available for persons who commute from anywhere in Clearfield County to State College and surrounding communities. Vanpool Advantage can offer direct point-to-point service to a Centre employer's front entrance when a group of riders join forces in an ATA vanpool advantage group.  Read more and be ready to contact ATA's Vanpool Advantage Coordinator today.
Its your next cool van.This is another option to help you reach the Centre Region in comfort and on your schedule. Consider ATA’s VanpoolAdvantage Network program. Here is how you can make your daily Centre connection: join ATA's Vanpool Advantage Network.

Get information on VanpoolAdvantage Connector


ATA's Cool Van

Vanpool Advantage Network Members

• ATA Vanpoolers set the route,
departure times, return times according
to their own needs.
• ATA Vanpool Advantage members
can get special discounts for
new vanpool startups.
• ATA Vanpoolers are eligible for
the “Emergency Ride Home”
• ATA Vanpoolers are also eligible
to receive special federal tax
• You get full support from ATA

Click on this brochure for information on the

Centre Connection via VanpoolAdvantage Network

Ecolane Logo 3

 ATA has implemented a new computer assisted scheduling and dispatch system. This change was installed statewide under PennDOT and has been in operation since August of 2017.

     The new ATA Ecolane Mobility System has some new features that have helped ATA riders schedule trips quickly and efficiently.ATA BOC 546

     When you call to schedule a trip, you may be asked for your appointment time instead of a pick-up time. Please be ready to tell us the address of your appointment and we can arrange the pick-up time at your home or another address.

     The ATA call representative will confirm your trip information and fare while you are on the line. This helps us identify you and insure accuracy for your trip reservation.

     You may also call to set up a recurring trip subscription. We welcome these multiple reservations. You will be sent to a special call center representative to create this subscription trip for you on the ATA calendar. It is a very convenient way to manage your trips.

     The evening before your scheduled trip, you will receive an automated phone notification operated by ATA to confirm the pick-up time of your scheduled trip.

     You may notice different driver or vehicle may pick you up for your return trip. This is a new feature of a system designed to enhance your service and ATA’s efficiency. The driver may ask to confirm your identity. Under the new system, it is likely that you will get to know other drivers working for ATA. You will see better coordination of our vehicles and our drivers to accommodate as many passengers as possible.Its My Ride Bookmark Card

     Remember that you must contact ATA for a ‘will call’ to set up the return trip. Our drivers will not be aware that you are ready to go home until you call 1(866) 743-3282 [RIDE ATA]. Ask the driver for ATA’s special bookmark called “IT’S MY RIDE” which has the phone number you need to use for your return trip. Keep it with you.

     Once again you will receive an automated phone notification from ATA about 15 minutes before the ATA vehicle arrives for your return home.

     The new Ecolane trip reservation system ihas improved efficiency and expands rides and service for riders now and in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, call ATA Customer Service at 1(866) 282-4968.


Great new Mobile App from PennDOT511PA is Pennsylvania's official travel information service which provides you with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. 511PA is designed to help you reach your destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in Pennsylvania. There is a link for this service on the slider video above (511PA Travel Info to Go). 

Now there is a new companion mobile app for the 511PA service. You can now download the 511PA Mobile AP for your iPhone or Android device. You can obtain the App by scaning or clicking on the QR Codes provided below.

CLICK THE PHONE FOR PennDOT's mobile app web stie.

511PA Mobile AP for iPhone

The 511PA mobile application covers all PennDOT - and Pennsylvania Turnpike-operated roadways for roughly 40,000 miles of roadway. Traffic incidents and construction alerts are reported on all roadways and traffic speeds are reported on approximately 15,000 miles of roadway. The App also has capabilities for neighboring states that can be easily configured within the 511PA mobile software. With 511PA, travelers can find such information such as: traffic conditions; traffic speeds; live traffic camera images; highway construction updates; winter road conditions; weather conditions and alerts; and links to other travel resources.

511PA Mobile App for Android

Here are PennDOT Instructions for 511PA Mobile App  Remember not to "interact with the App" while driving your car. (Better yet ... Ride ATA and enjoy this new 511PA mobile app while on board your ATA bus).

  • Launch the hands-free 511PA application before you put your car in drive. You will hear active PennDOT advisories that are near you. Now put down the phone and focus on driving. There’s nothing on your phone that you need to touch or read. Just listen for travel alerts.
  • The 511PA app will remain "on" while you drive, automatically activating when you approach an area impacted by a PennDOT advisory. The app will broadcast any travel alerts for reported conditions within a set mile-range (that you can set for yourself) of your current location.