Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania

Draft Title VI Plan for the Years 2016 through 2019

The Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania serves Cameron Cleafield Elk Jefferson McKean and Potter Counties in North Central Pennsylvania.  In addition ATA operates the Clarion Area Transit system at Clarion University.

The Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania assures full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as COVER ART ATA Title VI Plan 2016 19amended and its related statutes. No person is excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of its services, or otherwise subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

For the purposes of this compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws and regulatons ATA has developed a draft Title VI Plan covering the years from 2016 through 2019. ATA seeks public comment and suggestions to help clarify and strengthen the provisions of its updated Title VI Plan. At present this document covers 21 pages of documentation and is available in full as a PDF document for download and printing. The  Title VI Plan  details the Authority’s statement and policies on non-discrimination, complaint procedures, Limited English Proficiency Plan and Service Standards for Fixed Routes.  This Plan, which is expected to be renewed for the period June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2019,  will be presented to the ATA Board of Directors for final adoption on May 18, 2016.  A PDF copy of the Plan is being made available within this notice.   Click on the document cover (right) to download the ATA Title VI Plan (RIGHT)

To provide written comments on the draft ATA Title VI Plan by U.S. Mail:


ATA Title VI Plan 2016

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April 14, 2016



ATA NEWS RELEASE: ATA Employees meet with Bob Mecca - Executive Director of LIFT on April 14th

JOHNSONBURG PA – Bob Mecca, the Executive Director of Life and Independence for Today joined ATA employees at the Johnsonburg HQ, Maintenance and Mobility Center on April 14th to accept an employee contribution to LIFT. The funds were raised in a series of lunchtime events in recent weeks from among ATA employees who work in the HQ facility.

“In the past we have helped LIFT raise funds supporting their successful emergency ramp project and LIFT’s Disability and Aging Expo. This time we have left it to Bob and his team at LIFT to decide where this contribution should be used,” said one ATA organizer. ‘He’s indicated that the money will go toward one of its key services called Nursing Home Transition for Persons under the age of 60.”

According to the new LIFT website

“Nursing Home Transition (NHT) is a process of assisting and empowering residents who want to move from a a nursing facility back to a home of their choice in the community  Through the Nursing Home Transition Program, our agency assists consumers under the age of 60. Life and Independence for Today also provides outreach and education to residents, nursing facility staff, families, and community members so that consumers have the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about their transition.  Through this program, we also connect residents to the services and resources that have been identified and that the consumer has chosen as needed supports for living in the community.  We also advocate for residents to ensure transition plans meet individual needs, while empowering residents to direct their own transition  If you would like to find out if you or a loved one is eligible for our Nursing Home Transition Program, call Life and Independence for Today at 1-800-341-5438, or contact via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.40 more screen


ATA is observing its 40th Anniversary Year in 2016. The six county transportation agency was formed in 1976. The transit authority and LIFT share the same geographic service area and coordinate many activities for the disabled and joint advocacy for ADA, now in its 26th year.

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Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) is a Center for Independent Living located in St. Marys, PA. We are a non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities in Elk, Cameron, McKean, Jefferson, Clearfield, and Potter Counties.


ATA is a six county regional transportation authority with headquarters in Johnsonburg PA, support facilities in Bradford and DuBois and transit centers operating in St. Marys and Punxsutawney.

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CAPTION for ATA PHOTO – John Lacny
ATA Headquarters – Johnsonburg April 14, 2016
Debby Smith, Michelle Woodcock, Debbie Addeo, Valerie King, Kristine Gelsick, Dessa Chittester, Coletta Corioso, Michael Agosti, Rick Viglione, Michael Imbrogno, Bob Mecca, Rich Ross, Charlie Shilk, Mike Trunzo, John Schloder, Geno Ferrari

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John Lacny
Director, Marketing and Communication ATA
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Phone: (814) 849-3096

186 Main Street, Suite 2 (800) 852-8036
Brookville, PA 15825 Fax: (814) 849-4655


News Release: Shared Ride Special for Seniors Begins in Jefferson County

Date: March 22, 2016 - DOWNLOAD THE PDF/TEXT FILE   

Contact: Molly McNutt
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BROOKVILLE The Area Agency on Aging opens a special transportation program for Jefferson County seniors age 65 and older. The program will expand senior transit services currently offered by the Area Transportation Authority in Jefferson County. While all ATA fixed routes in Jefferson County are free fare to qualified seniors, other ATA bus services are offered at a discount of 85% for seniors. Starting today (and for defined trips) the JCAAA will pick up the final 15% of the shared ride trip cost under an agreement with ATA. For these non-fixed route trips that seniors take every day in Jefferson County the fare is now “covered completely.”

“We want to encourage seniors to expand their mobility and their access to these ATA trips and to visit our four Social Centers. It’s now free, and worry free, and an even better deal for our clients age 65 and older,” says JCAAA Deputy Director Molly McNutt. ATA Shared Ride Service (Non fixed route rides) for seniors in Jefferson County are defined by ATA as:

• Call-a-Bus Services (CAB BUS)
• ATA Point to Point (CAB BUS)
• ATA County-Wide-Service Bus
• ATA Fixed-Route with Deviation Service

While the new JCAAA program is limited to ten defined trip purposes it covers substantially the many rides that Jefferson County seniors currently use for “shared ride” transportation. The new JCAAA program defines eligible shared ride trips as:

1. Dentist visits
2. Diagnostics visits
3. Dialysis treatment
4. Doctor’s Office visits
5. Hospital Visits – Admission
6. Hospital Visits – Non-Admission
7. Pharmacy visits
8. Physical Therapy
9. Surgical trips
10. JCAAA Senior Centers (4)


The MT-103 form - ATA offers a simple sign-up process for seniors who have reached age 65 and may not have signed up for free or discounted ATA rides. The MT-103 Form is available by contacting ATA or it can be downloaded from the website. This is also a requirement for the new JCAAA offer of free fare on ATA shared ride busses.
There are a few steps needed to make sure the MT-103 Form is completed and verified, usually with the help of the ATA driver.

ATA also provides an ATA Transit Photo ID to qualified seniors free of charge. The ATA Photo ID facilitates senior boarding of any ATA bus. Contact ATA Customer Service by phone for information on obtaining an ATA Transit Photo ID. ATA Customer Service 1-866-282-4968.

Where and When to call - Eligible Jefferson County seniors must make reservations at least one day in advance of any shared ride trip on ATA. Most of these trips are covered under the new JCAAA program. A shared ride trip can be arranged by calling ATA toll free at 1-866-743-3282.

The JCAAA emphasizes that when riders call ATA they will be working with an ATA mobility specialist. The ATA mobility specialist will verify eligibility of the rider and assign the appropriate mode of transportation. Mode refers to the type of route, with fixed routes being the primary option where available. The selection of appropriate mode takes into consideration transit rules and the senior rider’s specific needs.

For specific questions about the new JCAAA-ATA shared ride program, call the Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging Toll Free: 1-800-852-8036 or ATA Customer Service at 1-866-282-4968 to register.

JCAAA and ATA are planning additional joint projects during 2016. Both ATA and JCAAA were chartered in 1976 and are observing their 40th Anniversary during 2016.


Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging

186 Main St Ste 2

Brookville, Pa 15825-0806

(814) 849-3096

Toll Free: (800)852-8036


JCAA Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Area Transportation Authority
of North Central Pennsylvania
JOHNSONBURG, PA 15845-2102
Customer Service 1-866-282-4968
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ATA ADA Logo NBATA ADA Complementary Paratransit Service

ATA utilizes its local shared ride demand response services, Call A Bus (CAB), to provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit service for passengers unable to utilize ATA’s fixed route system. If needed, the driver may provide door to door assistance. All of ATA’s public transit fleet vehicles are accessible. Personal care attendants are able to accompany any ATA passenger that requires additional assistance at no cost.


Passengers wishing to utilize the ADA complementary paratransit service must be certified in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To request information about ADA certification or to apply for the any of the transportation programs, please contact the ATA Customer Service department at 1-866-282-4968 weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Service Area and HoursATA ADA Service Area

ADA complementary paratransit service is available to passengers certified in accordance with the ADA

and within a three-quarter of a mile corridor of fixed routes operating in Bradford, Clarion, Clearfield, DuBois, and Punxsutawney. Please refer to ATA schedules for operating times.


A qualified individual will not pay greater than two times the comparable fixed route fare.

Reserving a RideATA Call Center Card

To request ride reservations please contact the ATA Call Center at 1-866-743-3282 during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. ATA accepts ride reservations up to two (2) weeks prior to the requested trip date. ADA ride reservations are accepted during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm seven days a week, including holidays. ADA ride reservations must be made one day prior to the requested trip date.


Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

The ADA defines a wheelchair as “a mobility aid belonging to any class of three- or more-wheeled devices, usable indoors, designed or modified for and used by individuals with mobility impairments, whether operated manually or powered.”

ATA will accommodate any mobility device as long as the combined weight is within the actual dimensions and design load of the vehicle.

ATA may decline to carry a wheelchair/occupant if the combined weight exceeds that of the lift specifications or if carriage of the wheelchair is demonstrated to be inconsistent with legitimate safety requirements.

In addition to wheelchairs, passengers may utilize other mobility devices such as canes or walkers on ATA vehicles.

Service Animals

ADA regulations define a service animal as any animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. ATA welcomes service animals meeting the requirements below:

  • Service animals must be clean and well-groomed. 
  • Service animals should be leashed and under the owner’s control.
  • Service animals are expected to sit on the floor of the vehicle. 
  • Animals that display disruptive or threatening behavior will not be allowed


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)